Degas and Chinese Treasures

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of visiting the local Museum of Fine Arts, where there were two main exhibits: Degas, and Chinese treasures.  The Degas exhibit consisted of many paintings and drawings, as well as a sculpture, by the aforementioned artist.  I was surprised by how much he enjoyed depicting horses.  The countryside seemed to be a big inspiration for him.  A lot of his painted/drawn figures of humans appear to be melancholy, or deep in wonder.  He enjoyed painting ballerinas as well, and one of his most famous sculptures is of a ballerina.

The Chinese treasures exhibit consisted of ancient scrolls, paintings, and artifacts from various dynasties.  Artwork extended back to the Song Dynasty, and also included items from the Jin, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties.  I was very impressed with how aesthetically colorful the paintings were.  The scrolls themselves were forms of art, and I could tell much detail was placed into their creation.  The pottery was quite colorful.  The jade seemed shiny even now.

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