Environment Around Me

I write on a black slab of metal that has four corners and a strong support system.  My planner lies not too far away, and that has many unsightly markings crisscrossed all over it.  A pen lies on top of it.  A bright and cheery window greets me as I look up from the screen.  A sturdy, shiny printer lies on top of another black slab.  Behind me are some folders arranged in no particular order.  Three drawers filled with tools and office supplies stand at the corner of the room.  Outside the building are gorgeous rows of flowers and plants.  Birds are sure to be seen on any sunny or even rainy day.  A few trees guard the entrance and provide a welcoming shade.  There is a nice hill standing to the side and yielding magnificent bushes.

Magic Is Real

The fact of the matter is: magic is real.  Of course, this may very well depend on one’s definition of “magic”.  I usually take it to mean that which is seemingly beyond the current laws of physics.  All you have to do to witness it is look at Nature.  Just go outside and look at the landscapes, animals, and plants.  Very soon it becomes obvious.  It can also be seen in our interactions with one another.  The way we communicate both verbally and non-verbally are huge clues into the power of this incredible force.  Ideas we had in the past about what constituted the “reality” of things have certainly sometimes changed.  For example, some ancient peoples believed the world was flat.  Likewise, ideas we have now concerning physics and scientific principles may very well change in the future.  What some of us may consider to be “supernatural” or mysterious now can actually one day be widely accepted as “fact”.  It’s important for me, personally, to look toward Nature and believe in the seemingly impossible as often as possible.

Frightening Incident at the Mall

When I was six, there was an instance when I was lost at the mall.  It’s an interesting story.  Some weeks prior, I had been reading a book that talked about how children should react to different situations.  It included things like how children should save their pennies and allowances in order to practice good saving, how it is always important to look both ways before crossing the street, and what children should do when they find themselves lost in public.  The book clearly stated that when you’re lost, it’s important to just stay wherever you are so that it’s easier for family/friends to find you.  So, I guess that fact just really stayed with me.  When my family and I were at the mall, we were walking around trying to find some good stores to shop in.  All of a sudden, I realized my socks had to be pulled higher.  I was an unusual child, to say the least.  Although I admit I’m still peculiar in many different ways.  So, I reached down and pulled my socks higher.  When I looked back up, I couldn’t find my family anymore.  At first I was shocked, and then I was scared.  I remembered what the book said about being lost in public.  So, I just kind of stood there, in the middle of all the strangers walking around, wishing for some kind of miracle.  None of the adults seemed to care one bit.  After a few minutes, I started believing I was looking funny just standing there not doing much of anything, so I made my way to the nearest bench.  After all, it wasn’t that far.  And I just sat there, kind of looking around.  There was an electronics store close to the bench, I remember that.  There was also a staircase not too far away.  I wondered if my family had gone up the staircase, or something.  Maybe they had gone to get the police in order to try and find me.  It seemed like another ten minutes went by, and then I saw my family coming down the staircase.  They noticed me sitting on the bench, and we reunited.

Some Things That Make Me Happy

Whenever I get the chance, I try to consider some of the many things that tend to make me happy.  Doing so leaves me with a renewed perspective on the world around me.

I enjoy having the opportunity to watch and listen to interesting animals.  It doesn’t matter what their shape or size is, they all can reflect the personalities of people, if I take the opportunity to really get to notice them.  Creatures like cats, birds, dogs, fish, and deer can be so cute (sometimes)!  I’m also amazed at the intelligence of horses and marine mammals.

I also like visiting new places, especially when it’s someplace exotic or a different nation.  This always gives me the opportunity to people-watch, which definitely tends to be a highlight of my day.  It’s interesting to see how similar people can be on the inside, even with different customs or values.

Now that we’re approaching Valentines Day, I believe it’s important to remember the aspects of love in our lives.  I don’t need a paper, candy, or boxed valentine, to become happy on that day.  Instead, it’s great to be around friends and family and to appreciate fun times.