Frightening Incident at the Mall

When I was six, there was an instance when I was lost at the mall.  It’s an interesting story.  Some weeks prior, I had been reading a book that talked about how children should react to different situations.  It included things like how children should save their pennies and allowances in order to practice good saving, how it is always important to look both ways before crossing the street, and what children should do when they find themselves lost in public.  The book clearly stated that when you’re lost, it’s important to just stay wherever you are so that it’s easier for family/friends to find you.  So, I guess that fact just really stayed with me.  When my family and I were at the mall, we were walking around trying to find some good stores to shop in.  All of a sudden, I realized my socks had to be pulled higher.  I was an unusual child, to say the least.  Although I admit I’m still peculiar in many different ways.  So, I reached down and pulled my socks higher.  When I looked back up, I couldn’t find my family anymore.  At first I was shocked, and then I was scared.  I remembered what the book said about being lost in public.  So, I just kind of stood there, in the middle of all the strangers walking around, wishing for some kind of miracle.  None of the adults seemed to care one bit.  After a few minutes, I started believing I was looking funny just standing there not doing much of anything, so I made my way to the nearest bench.  After all, it wasn’t that far.  And I just sat there, kind of looking around.  There was an electronics store close to the bench, I remember that.  There was also a staircase not too far away.  I wondered if my family had gone up the staircase, or something.  Maybe they had gone to get the police in order to try and find me.  It seemed like another ten minutes went by, and then I saw my family coming down the staircase.  They noticed me sitting on the bench, and we reunited.

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