Every Day Should Be a Holiday

When I was little, I was always excited whenever the major holidays would roll around.  They would mean times spent with family traveling to new and interesting places, watching TV specials, visiting relatives, making delicious meals, and playing wonderful games.  Even nowadays, I’m lucky to say those things still happen most of the time whenever big holidays come around.  When I became a bit older, I was fascinated by more minor holidays, including some holidays found in other cultures/religions.  I realized that every month of the year indeed had at least one type of holiday.  As I’ve been learning more about other cultures and traditions, it seems like just about every day carries some type of social significance, regardless of whether it’s considered a distinct “holiday”.  This serves as a reminder to me that I should treat every day as something special, with the same joyful sentiments I had for the really major holidays when I was much younger.  So now, I believe there’s no excuse for me to experience unhappiness just because a day hasn’t been officially been branded a holiday.

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