I consider myself an “outgoing introvert” (at the moment).  People have different definitions of what it means to be either an introvert or extrovert, but I tend to define an introvert as someone who gets most of his/her energy from within, while an extrovert is someone who gets most of his/her energy from outside sources.  This is not to say that I consider myself shy, even though it may seem that way at times.  On the contrary, I believe myself to be incredibly outgoing, but with most of that energy drawn from, and sometimes directed toward, internal sources.  Before I write or say something, I almost always must consider the consequences of letting those things out there.  Although I realize the importance of being in the moment and acknowledging instantaneous gratification.  It does seem as if most people are similar in that they aren’t completely one way or another regarding the definitions of introversion/extroversion.  I’ve always been fascinated by things like personality tests and optical illusions.  The Rorschach test is a favorite of mine.  Each test has its limits, of course.

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