Energy as Part of Ourselves

When someone asks “what is the identity of a human”, I’m certain to reply that it’s more than what it seems.  In fact, I tend to believe identity and existence are the same thing.  Someone’s existence, in my view, extends far beyond what most people would define as “the body”.  I’m not one to negate the power of the brain, but there is new research out there suggesting that memories can be formed outside of it.  This makes a lot of sense to me.  When we interact with each other, our actions determine how our bodies will react.  Memories thus depend at least partly on outside sources.  The never-ending energy that constantly permeates our actions and memories is something I consider to be a big part of a human’s existence.  The way we remember things even though it may seem as if they are no longer directly in front of us is a testament to the power of energy.  For example, much of our well-being depends on interaction via electric sources such as telephone and internet.  We must have some sense of trust in the power of energy in order to function in day-to-day life.  Someone may ask “how do we know our friends even exist when they aren’t directly in front of us?”  The answer of course is that we have knowledge of their energy through the energy that has already permeated our memories and bodies.  We live on with every picture we take, word we say, and life affected by us.  There is no reason to be sorrowful that the body may seem so limited at times.

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