Online Privacy

I have a few views on the issue of privacy in the online world.  When it comes to topics such as journaling or recording aspects of my life related to family and work, I generally don’t have a problem with the understanding that these issues are bound to be seen by others.  I know I have to be smart, though, in what I post online.  Some people don’t seem to be aware that once something is placed online, depending on the avenue, it might be stuck there forever for all to see.  It takes some research as well to know which websites tend to be more trustworthy than others.  Some online users have a not-so-well intention of taking one’s information and then messing with it.  This is why in topics related to very personal information such as passwords, usernames, pin numbers, and other security codes, I usually am much more vigilant in making sure that information is not seen by others.  Over the years I’ve definitely become more accustomed to the process of inputting information online while staying careful with regard to what should be seen and what shouldn’t.  The possibility of malicious activity being conducted from afar should always be taken into account.

Best Friend

When I was in my school-age years, I was enamored with the idea of a “best friend”.  After all, this would be the person my age who I could always confide in, go to parties with, laugh with, and just hang out with in general.  This would be the person who I could trust year after year, experience after experience.  TV shows constantly fed into me the notion that young people were always supposed to have this kind of person in their lives.  Thus, most of the time I ended up romanticizing the notion of a best friend, that one person who, more than anyone else, I could give the “crown” of friendship.  As I got older, I realized such a notion just isn’t completely realistic.  I have treasured every moment spent with my friends, through elementary school, middle school, high school, and beyond.  It just seems like we all have to move on at times.  People move.  People get married.  People become parents.  Our lives are changing all the time.  This isn’t to say I’ve forgotten the special times we shared becoming older.  I will always consider some people to be my friends even though situations have changed.  The memories are always there for me, re-growing and re-animating themselves in a beautiful way.

Portal to His Dimension

I make my way past thick branches to the bottom of the dark, twisted stairs.  Looking up I can see they are surrounded by marble columns.  I make my way up and stop to face the entryway of the portal.  Ominous clouds hover on the other side.  A map of the journey through the portal appears before my eyes.  It is filled with circles, mathematical equations, and symbolic representations of rivers cutting through cliffs.  Lightning bolts crash through the clouds in the background.  However, I am ready.  Taking an immense breath, I step into the portal, and begin the journey through night and pandemonium.

Gothic Literature

One of the genres of literature that has fascinated me the most over the years is gothic literature.  So many of its elements I find beautiful and worth discussing.  An obvious element is the use of human psychology.  The mind is constantly delved into, revealing all the horrifying and dark realities of our musings.  This is especially important in how the characters interact with one another and how the plot plays out throughout the story.  Another important element is the use of dark settings.  These places can include graveyards, castles, haunted houses, and creepy working environments, among others.  The darkness exemplifies the troubled emotions and experiences we all go through at times.  The element of strong female protagonists is quite important as well.  These determined women portray a steadfastness that most would look up to and respect.  With their actions and choices, they lead the plot into an exciting and enlightening climax, paralleling the adventures we face in our lives.  Having to choose between a dark and brooding male character or a seemingly normal and conventional character is often another element in this kind of literature.  Of course, elements such as surprise twists, evil presences, the supernatural, and despair also tend to play an important role in gothic literature as well.  These elements demonstrate a reaction against the seemingly conventional wisdom and expectations in society.  In this respect, gothic literature is indeed much like romantic literature, striving to “get away” from the ordinary and embrace the sublime.