Best Friend

When I was in my school-age years, I was enamored with the idea of a “best friend”.  After all, this would be the person my age who I could always confide in, go to parties with, laugh with, and just hang out with in general.  This would be the person who I could trust year after year, experience after experience.  TV shows constantly fed into me the notion that young people were always supposed to have this kind of person in their lives.  Thus, most of the time I ended up romanticizing the notion of a best friend, that one person who, more than anyone else, I could give the “crown” of friendship.  As I got older, I realized such a notion just isn’t completely realistic.  I have treasured every moment spent with my friends, through elementary school, middle school, high school, and beyond.  It just seems like we all have to move on at times.  People move.  People get married.  People become parents.  Our lives are changing all the time.  This isn’t to say I’ve forgotten the special times we shared becoming older.  I will always consider some people to be my friends even though situations have changed.  The memories are always there for me, re-growing and re-animating themselves in a beautiful way.

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