Online Privacy

I have a few views on the issue of privacy in the online world.  When it comes to topics such as journaling or recording aspects of my life related to family and work, I generally don’t have a problem with the understanding that these issues are bound to be seen by others.  I know I have to be smart, though, in what I post online.  Some people don’t seem to be aware that once something is placed online, depending on the avenue, it might be stuck there forever for all to see.  It takes some research as well to know which websites tend to be more trustworthy than others.  Some online users have a not-so-well intention of taking one’s information and then messing with it.  This is why in topics related to very personal information such as passwords, usernames, pin numbers, and other security codes, I usually am much more vigilant in making sure that information is not seen by others.  Over the years I’ve definitely become more accustomed to the process of inputting information online while staying careful with regard to what should be seen and what shouldn’t.  The possibility of malicious activity being conducted from afar should always be taken into account.

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