Lots of Rain Lately

Lately there has been quite a bit of rain locally and around the Gulf coast of Texas.  I do enjoy looking outside at the rain (when I’m indoors and not driving around), because I find it impressive and relaxing.  Of course, I try to avoid the flooded areas of the city.  Overall I enjoy seeing the power of nature at work.  In other news, I’ve been meeting some interesting people and trying to create new networking relationships.  This has been fun and a good learning experience.  I know that the more relationships I create, the more support I will have in the future if times do become a little more difficult.  The way to see through obstacles many times is to have a firm grasp of the situation at hand.

Sense of Satisfaction from Accomplishment

There is definitely a sense of satisfaction gained from accomplishing something, according to some specific criteria.  According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the greatest sense of happiness while performing a task comes when one’s skill level matches the task’s challenge level.  For example, if someone is very good at knitting, and the task at hand calls for knitting something that is quite large and intricately designed, that person is certainly likely to enjoy the task immensely.  This is something I have definitely noticed throughout the years.  At one side of the scale, if one’s skill level is too high for the task at hand, the result is likely to be boredom.  At the other side, if one’s skill level is not high enough for accomplishing the task, the result has more chance to be anxiety.  I personally believe that there are some exceptions to the aforementioned theory, but that for the most part it holds quite true.  When I am working on something that requires somewhat of a challenge, but my skill level is up to par with it, I usually have a greater sense of satisfaction from the accomplishment.  This has motivated me throughout the years in performing certain tasks.

Choice of Words with Meaning

Lately I’ve been interested in people’s choice of words among various formats, such as news interviews, poetry, and conversations in general.  I know that in poetry, many syntactical devices surround the chosen words, and these devices convey either implicit or explicit meaning.  For example, assonance (the repetition of certain vowel sounds) and consonance (the repetition of certain consonants) can convey a smooth or rough sound, similar to the effect that onomatopoeia has in our everyday language.  An important aspect of anyone’s writing is to notice any underlying tones within the work.  This can also be seen with the frequency of certain words used, such as “want” vs “need”.  How we say the words is also important when it comes to speaking out loud.  From our tones and body language, we can make educated guesses as to what we are trying to make known.  I find it fascinating that when we’re engaged in live conversation, there is not much time to consider which words to use, and thus many of the words we do use are actually chosen on a subconscious level.

Phone Apps

Sometimes I believe I have some catching up to do when it comes to learning about smartphones and all the apps that can be used on them.  I actually didn’t have a true “smartphone” until three years ago; before that, I would just use flip phones.  I’m generally not one to use a ton of apps, but I do use some.  Usually these are the important, basic apps necessary for me to perform day-to-day mobile functions.  Occasionally I’ll download the random app to have a laugh or show a friend.  For example, not too long ago I downloaded an app that created a zombie photo of me.  I was genuinely terrified by the result.  I also have a few social networking apps and gaming apps.  Lately I’ve come to appreciate how far cell phones have come with regard to the ability to perform many of the same functions that larger computers can perform.