Drivers and Road Rage

There are many kinds of people one encounters while out driving on the road.  Most drivers are at least somewhat courteous, and respectful of a lot of the rules that are employed on the streets.  Then there are those who are quite seemingly oblivious to these rules.  One type of person who fits this category is the person who drives so close behind me, I begin to wonder if somehow their car has actually wound up on the top of the back of my car.  When this happens, I’m cognizant of the speed limit at hand, and just continue driving at that speed, unless I choose to switch lanes.  Another type of driver who has the capability of taking one aback is the person who without warning switches to the lane in front of your car.  I understand sometimes there is a logical explanation for why the driver chose to do so, but usually it just seems like the person is sort of being a jerk.  Another driver who can carry the title of road rage is the driver who honks incessantly even when he/she knows there is nothing that can be done about it.  Seriously, is that really necessary?  And then there is the driver who doesn’t even notice the light is red and still speeds on through the intersection.  A bit dangerous and often clueless, but I do understand (somewhat) if it’s the middle of the night and there is no traffic.  All of these drivers certainly can weigh down on the patience of other drivers who actually do the duty of respecting the rules.

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