On To More Important Matters

One thing I really wish could happen in real life is for there to be less discussion on insignificant matters and more discussion on the things that matter.  I’m the kind of person who usually isn’t startled at all when I’m asked a question that is mostly deep in nature.  I’m also not usually bothered by asking, at the right time, certain questions that are deep in nature.  I wonder if it comes down to just wanting less of my time(s) wasted.  That certainly plays a big part in it.  It’s not very realistic, though, to expect this in today’s society.  And I know we must respect each other’s questions, regardless of how little they may seem.  Actually there are instances in which small chatter is kind of interesting to me, and they tend to be those that reveal a little more about the person I’m conversing with.  For example, I might notice a cute or quirky characteristic about that person.  Sometimes light subject matter can definitely brighten up a gloomy mood or atmosphere among people as well.

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