Religion as a Support System

Religion plays a significant role in our society today.  A major reason for this, I believe, is that religion tends to try to make sense of things that can often be otherwise completely unexplainable.  Much of religion tries to explain how the divine and supernatural are at work in solving most of our everyday crises.  For example, in some religions, our personal difficulties are often viewed as certainly unimportant in the grander scheme of things.  In that specific case, divine reasons can definitely be a major part of that.  I have noticed as well that many religions emphasize the importance of the sacred, or the qualities found in our society/lives that may be seen as supernatural or perplexing to understand.  For that reason, even though organized religion has seen a decline during this past century, I consider it to still hold a major role in today’s society.  In fact, it is possible that much of why organized religion has become a little less popular is due to the fact there are so many definitions of what religion actually is.  This can be seen when one asks people of different experiences and environments what they believe religion to be.

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