On the “Graying” of our Society

Today, more people than ever before are living relatively longer lives in our society.  This is great news.  Whenever I go somewhere and notice people of an esteemed age, who oftentimes are laughing and enjoying themselves just as ever before, I commonly smile and wish I could be their age, able to partake in some of their joyous and respectable activities.  This isn’t to say our aging population is free from all forms of discrimination.  I absolutely hate it when I notice that some people, just because of their advanced age, are subjected to ageist criticism and remarks.  Thankfully that does seem to be becoming less of an issue, at least where I live.  People must understand that nowadays, many of our citizens are just as able and skillful as others regardless of their age.  I have always admired those who reach the age where they can tell exciting stories about their lives to others.  That definitely seems to be one of the advantages I look forward to experiencing.

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