Exercise To Remain Healthy

In my life so far, exercise has been exceedingly important for my health, social well-being, and ability to persevere through rough tasks.  This is something I usually don’t take for granted at all, although when I was younger of course I didn’t realize how important exercise actually is to one’s authentic quality of life.  It’s good I took PE throughout elementary school, and for some portions of middle and high school.  And after that I have continued various exercises and workout routines.  What’s important to remember is that when you’re younger, your body generally recovers from a variety of ailments in much better fashion and in quicker time than when you’re older.  This is why we really can’t forget the importance of exercise in our lives.  Working out can take many forms, and I’ve learned that mental training is just as important as any other physical training.  There is definitely an expectation in today’s society, at least in some careers, that adults will in general perform less physical activity than when they were younger.  I can’t stress enough how dangerous that mindset is.  Even though we are living longer, a whole abundance of symptoms begin appearing if one doesn’t work out enough.  This is in part because exercise (when done correctly) has the capacity to release endorphins, which are “feel good” chemicals that our bodies truly need.  These, among other things, can definitely provide hope and a greater sense of satisfaction during times of chaos and stress.

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