Trying to Listen

Am I a good listener?  I’ve often wondered that.  There are definitely situations that call for better listening skills.  Any events in which I’m with family or friends demand absolute sharp listening strengths.  I will always try to do my best in those situations to understand exactly what these people are saying to me.  There are other occasions that actually warrant me blocking out entirely not necessarily the things people say to me, but just oddities and insignificant blabber.  No thanks, I’m not gonna listen to that.  During incidents in which the people involved are certainly affecting important situations, I will do my best to understand exactly what is going on.  But sometimes not even that works; communication in general is bound to experience at least some sort of loss in reliability.  This can be seen in certain experiments where the participants are asked to hear word-for-word what others are saying.  There is just about always a loss in translation or slip in comprehension.  It seems to be somewhat more true when the people involved come from strikingly different backgrounds.

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