Keeping the Environment Green

I have always tried to help keep our environment at least relatively pollution-free.  A big part of this has been trying to work digitally as opposed to using paper whenever possible, believe it or not.  That’s definitely one of the advantages of our society in general moving more toward doing work digitally.  Another way I try to maintain our environment is by cutting back on consumption of energy.  Of course there is no chance I’m gonna totally be energy-free, just because so much in my day-to-day life requires at least some consumption of it, but I do try to lower the use whenever possible.  Then there is the issue of recycling.  I personally find that this is one of the harder aspects of aiming to preserve our environment.  Helping me do this is reading labels to make sure things are set in their proper place whenever they are being reused or used.  I’m very diligent when it comes to not tossing garbage out on the streets or in public view.  And I have just about always been very careful (maybe too much sometimes) in cleaning up around me.  I certainly don’t aim to be obsessive about it.  It’s great to see that a lot of other people as well are striving to preserve the natural aspects of our surroundings.

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