Wonderful Holidays

This is that special season where most people celebrate at least some form of holiday, and I’m truly upbeat.  In a lot of these holidays, the focus is on friendship, family, and giving.  Luckily, I’m meeting with family before long, and I’m definitely excited for that.  The weather has also been amazing lately, with a nice crisp breeze and occasional rain every now and then.  In past years, this certain season has brought with it the same amount of delight, but also the same amount of stress.  I believe a lot of us have to deal with particular stresses during these festivities as well.  One way of dealing with this is to just be realistic about the whole matter.  Nothing’s ever the same for everyone involved.  Another way of dealing with the stress is to set aside a few instances so that we gather our calmness, and just meditate for a while.  In this case, the mind can lighten up and be a little more free from all the overwhelming urges.  Sensing tranquility, we are better able to handle all the crazy obstacles this world can throw at us.

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