The Ways I Tend To Organize

If there were to be someone walking into my home, I would imagine that a few things would run through their mind.  The placement of items throughout the home is done in such a way as to try to minimize the amount of jarring arrangements.  I believe I tend to overdo this sometimes.  Sifting through my files and documents, one might get a sense that I’m an extremely rigid organizer.  I probably am, but I try not to let that get in the way.  Ever since I was very young, I’ve disliked inconsistencies when it comes to the arrangement of particular items.  That’s just looking at the property, though.  I tend to be much more open whenever I’m out in public or meeting with groups of people.  This is because I know I can’t be such a control freak when dealing with the problems of everyday life.  I guess I’m rather okay with this, and I’m even wondering if it ever even bothers me.  A part of it actually exhilarates me.  When I see others who are out and about, I sometimes try to gauge whether they are introverts, extroverts, or maybe a bit of both.  I would imagine that an extrovert is much more open to arranging things in a less orderly fashion.  Usually in general it’s good to not be so uptight when it comes to dealing with urgent situations.  Of course it all depends though on the situation.  Depending on one’s career, it may or may not be wise to be flexible in the arrangement of particular things.

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