Scary and Dark Entertainment

I usually have a somewhat strong liking for forms of entertainment (such as books or movies) that are based on horror, or elements similar to horror.  By no means is this my only interest when it comes to forms of entertainment, thankfully.  But I do appreciate the good dark story every now and then.  There are some things, though, that I really despise about some forms of the genre.  For example, I detest bloodiness.  Like, literally almost anything having to do with blood (emphasis on the almost).  There’s just something so repulsive to me about bleeding; I cannot stand having to endure a movie that relies on the overuse of this particular characteristic.  Also, those times when a plot has been done absolutely excessively can certainly irritate me.  I enjoy seeing something new and exciting, something that really isn’t so boring.  Fortunately, in recent years I believe the genre has definitely witnessed a sort of improvement in the realm of being exciting and fresh.  This is something I suppose we all can be grateful for.  On the other hand, the truly unfaithful adaptations of books is generally a little annoying to me.

Tending To What I Wear

I certainly pay attention to the things I wear, depending on the particular situation.  In the past several years it seems like there have been more events in which I really do need to make sure that what I’m wearing doesn’t conflict with the established norms.  I generally don’t have much of a problem with this at all.  Then there are those instances when the things I wear definitely do not matter to me, and I would indeed hope not to others as well.  But even then it really just depends on the people I’m to be associating with.  Now for the events that call for closer inspection, I will always try to make sure that my comfort isn’t diminished by the items of clothing.  The poking of something sharp against me has never been something I really enjoyed.  And it helps to breathe as well.  I believe in recent years this issue of comfort has actually become more important not just to me but to most of society also.  For example, the types of clothing items available to both women and men have truly evolved in such a way as to keep in mind the physical convenience of people.  This is unquestionably beneficial for us, in my opinion.