Writing when I was Young

I have quite a few memories of instances in which I was writing when I was young and still growing up.  A lot of the classes I was taking in school required some sort of miniature book to be written (like maybe ten pages long).  Of course this was before all the essay requirements of later years.  So one of the first mini-books I wrote for school was about dinosaurs and some of their interactions with each other.  That one was I believe for first grade.  Another book/story I wrote for elementary school was about traveling to different dimensions and experiencing differences in culture, climate, and technology.  There was one instance in which a substitute teacher had us write horror stories, which was fun for me during that particular event.  Apparently that substitute lost his/her job because of it.  Moralists on the prowl!  Going into middle school I began delving somewhat more into attempting to write actual full-length books (outside of class of course).  It was just super fun for me.  During that time, in school, a lot of the teachers wanted us to write poetry for certain lessons.  So I tried to excel a little more for that.  In middle school, one requirement was to type out a little miniature book concerning any subject matter.  Mine was about a castle, a princess, a dragon, and a knight to save the day.  As we began the transition from middle to high school, sometimes we were placed in poetry competitions and other various literary contests.  I always enjoyed these and looked forward to being able to write some more.  In high school, a lot of the English requirements included being able to write essays and stories that mimicked the proper flow of professional creative writing.  I learned much from these requirements, and was able to incorporate what I learned into deeper, more developed forms of writing in later years.  So I am quite grateful for those experiences of the olden days.

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