Slang and Grammar

Nowadays it seems most people use at least some degree of slang and/or internet abbreviations when it comes to sending messages to others, depending on the venue.  Of course grammar tends to go out the window during these conversations.  I actually am totally okay with the disregard for grammar in these cases, as long as what the person is saying makes sense.  For example, we are all acquainted with the abbreviations “lol” and “omg”.  I could go on with the seemingly endless list of internet abbreviations we use on a daily basis, but I’ll just say that these phrases are so common now they usually don’t require an explanation as to what they truly mean.  Also, in some instances, using these shortened words can actually be better for the situation.  For example, when the people holding the conversation are in a rush, it’s just better to use shorter and more concise language.  As language is continuing to evolve to improve our forms of communication in modern society’s busy, on-the-go atmosphere, I believe grammar rules need to be adapted as well so that they are easy to understand among the speakers.  This can only prove helpful in the long run.

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