Getting Into The Zone

I have often wondered and theorized different ways we can try and place ourselves in that certain “zone” where tasks are accomplished in the most meaningful way for us.  The things that seem to help are mainly skill-level related.  To illustrate, imagine doing something that required complete absorption into the activity at hand.  This can be anything from doing desk-work to traveling to an entirely new destination.  I believe for any beneficial production to occur, your activity should be totally achievable in the first place (well-suited to your skill level, whether it means learning some new things or putting to use what you already know).  Sometimes I believe the best way to achieve something of value is by truly focusing on the task at hand, yet every now and then taking a break in which you perform another activity that doesn’t require as much skill.  That way, you might come up with a new, outstanding idea out of the blue that’ll help for the main task.  I suppose this is the case for most people, but of course each person’s views of the matter will vary.

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