Creating Gratitude

I believe that gratitude is a significant factor in maintaining or creating high levels of satisfaction.  There are certainly many ways we can show gratitude or an appreciation for things we’ve experienced that bring us joy.  I’m of the impression that the characteristics of gratitude are such that it is not just a “trait” only some people have.  This is important to consider because it means we can allow gratitude to help shape our lives for the better.  I’ve learned that graciousness can also help to cut down levels of pessimism or indignation.  Letting people know we are thankful through writing letters is quite an obvious method for delivering on this promise.  Another way is to let them know upfront and directly.  By spreading graciousness we can spread even more levels of happiness and pleasure.  Not only that, but we can distribute the awareness that thankfulness oftentimes builds more strength to help those going through hard experiences.  A lot of the condition also depends on our own ability to sympathize with others.

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