Sometimes A Leader

I have come to the conclusion that there are some times in my life where I am a leader, and other times where I am a follower.  For example, nowadays, I believe most situations call for me to be a leader.  This can be seen in performing actions that are meant to help others or make people’s situations easier for them to handle.  I enjoy this aspect of my life, and I am always willing to attempt to exert myself according to the behests of the people I am associating with.  The instances that call for me to be both a leader and a follower are mainly those in which I am part of a team.  In this case, we all must work together to attempt to achieve a set purpose.  I usually enjoy these events as long as everyone involved shares the view that no one is to be held in esteem over another.  On the other hand, mainly when I was younger, most instances simply called for me to be a follower.  This was seen in attending school and always making sure to listen to the teachers’ instructions, create good homework, and attempt to receive high grades/markings.  The leaders in those instances were in my opinion for the most part the teachers, or principals, or other people who required my scholarly attention.  There are those people who say even when you are performing actions that seem to be those of a follower, you can still be considered a leader depending on your attitude toward the situations.  I guess much of my attitude can be seen in that light, because I truly did attempt to be somewhat of a superb student.  That is something I have been wondering about lately; whether someone is a leader or a follower is largely dependent on one’s view surrounding the experience.

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