Approaches To Increase Endorphins

When one is happy, experiencing a flood of positive sentiments, engaging in risk-taking with the expectation of rewards, or exercising, her/his endorphins tend to spike up.  “Endorphins” are pleasure-producing particles produced by the body when one is participating in these activities as well as others.  Relieving stress is likely one of the largest factors in the ability to produce more endorphins.  How one can achieve this is subjective and unique to her/his particular lifestyle.  Participating in a job or career that is rewarding in multiple areas can definitely help as well.  When one is in a stressful situation, it can help to engage the immediate senses so that she/he can become more aware of what is occurring.  For less stressful situations, laughing can be a key factor in the ability to create pleasure and cheerfulness.  Even the act of smiling itself can bring intense satisfaction for some people.  Therefore, there is much one can do to increase pleasure-producing particles and decrease sensations of pain.

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