Writing/Journaling Favorites and Inspirations

There are quite a few authors and written works that I consider to be among my favorites.  High up there are the stories of Hans Christian Andersen, Edgar Allan Poe, and Oscar Wilde.  Those are mainly in the fantasy/horror category.  I deeply enjoy the magical elements in a lot of their works, especially when the work takes on a darker tone.  In addition, some of my favorite books are Richard Rohr’s The Naked Now, Sandra Cisneros’s Caramelo, TH White’s The Once and Future King, Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time, and Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables.  Those are just a few of many written works I greatly admire and consider to be inspirational.

Privacy When Writing Journal

Over the years I have written journal entries in various settings.  Some are in images, some are in physical paper books, some are in video entries, some are in various online settings, and some are in computer documents.  These settings come with varying degrees of privacy.  When I make videos that really focus on me, I can be pretty self-conscious.  On the other hand, when I’m at home writing in physical paper books, there seems to be more of a degree of privacy.  Whatever the setting, at least I know that the ideas I’m trying to express are somehow getting out.

Driving to New Places

I’ve been exploring new areas recently, especially certain parts of Downtown.  I’m impressed with how pretty and modern a lot of the buildings and scenery are.  Of course, there are the good parts and there are the bad parts.  Thankfully I understand which places to avoid.  The parking surprisingly doesn’t seem too bad in most areas.  I also appreciate the diversity of people I’ve seen walking the streets and sitting on benches.  It’s always good to know people come in different shapes, sizes, personalities, and colors.

Cafes and Outings

It’s pretty nice having the chance to go out every now and then to get a bite to eat or take a pleasant stroll.  Lately I’ve been doing a lot of that, thanks to the holidays, and thankfully in general.  There are lots of nice restaurants here locally, including warm diners and romantic-looking cafes.  The opportunity to eat with family has been quite agreeable.  We also have made sure to take plenty of strolls through parks, shopping centers, and villages.  The weather has been decent recently, with just a few drizzles occasionally.  We’ve been doing people-watching while on outings, which is always fun.  Some families also like to go out.  It’s also cute seeing people take their pets with them.

Sailing Through The Airport

Lately I’ve been traveling through a lot of airports.  It’s hectic having to pass throngs of people, go through security, wait in line, and deal with the occasional rudeness.  I’ve kind of been getting used to it, at least.  I would say a few years ago is when I really became more acclimated to the whole thing.  Some airports aren’t that bad at all, actually.  It’s nice to see stores and features changing with the ages.  I supposed when I’m not stressed out it can be kind of exciting.

Holiday Lights

Recently we drove around town observing people’s holiday lights.  Many houses were decorated with holiday festivities and winter trees.  Some houses had their decorations only on the inside, but they were still noticeable.  The grand finale was witnessing the common’s lights.  They were quite bright, colorful, and merry.  Also around the common’s lights were decorations such as trees, ribbons, and exhibits.  It was really wonderful.


Happy times abound for me.  The holidays always seem to get me in a cheery mood, ready for lots of hugs and greetings.  I’m thankful for my great family.  We all are so amazing in so many different ways, it’s impossible to count.

I enjoy the weather we’ve been having recently.  A good amount of rain, but not too much, with just that right amount of coolness, especially in a breeze.  It is so romantic.  It’s also great for reading.

Under Pressure

I believe the human body is constantly under pressure/pain.  There is never an instance when the body does not experience at least some form of pain.  However, I also believe we can learn from that.  It’s necessary for humans to experience pain in order to achieve dreams and purposes.  How strong we are while dealing with the pain is a sign of how great we are.

Degas and Chinese Treasures

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of visiting the local Museum of Fine Arts, where there were two main exhibits: Degas, and Chinese treasures.  The Degas exhibit consisted of many paintings and drawings, as well as a sculpture, by the aforementioned artist.  I was surprised by how much he enjoyed depicting horses.  The countryside seemed to be a big inspiration for him.  A lot of his painted/drawn figures of humans appear to be melancholy, or deep in wonder.  He enjoyed painting ballerinas as well, and one of his most famous sculptures is of a ballerina.

The Chinese treasures exhibit consisted of ancient scrolls, paintings, and artifacts from various dynasties.  Artwork extended back to the Song Dynasty, and also included items from the Jin, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties.  I was very impressed with how aesthetically colorful the paintings were.  The scrolls themselves were forms of art, and I could tell much detail was placed into their creation.  The pottery was quite colorful.  The jade seemed shiny even now.

Once Seen, Always There

This morning I was researching about babies and the way their memory works.  It’s quite a bit more complicated than most people seem to believe.  For example, toddlers can still remember, albeit subconsciously, people they met only once years beforehand as babies.  Also, the brain of a baby is, in fact, actually able to process memories.  It’s just that it takes years in order for the memories to become “more complex”.

I find this incredible.  Once people see something, that memory stays stored in the brain forever.  It doesn’t matter that the memory may be subconscious; it’s still there.  This fact has gotten me through plenty of tough times, and it truly is a testament to the power of human’s memory itself.