Birds’ Music

I always enjoy waking up to the sound of birds.  They tend to chirp in the mornings and afternoons outside my bedroom window.  Sometimes they even sing.  Lately I’ve also been fascinated by the sheer diversity of shapes, sizes, and colors that birds come in.  It’s interesting to note that not all species of birds can fly.  I only recently found out birds are actually considered to be dinosaurs.  These are all reasons I’m motivated by listening to birds.

Gay and Bisexual Equality

When it comes to being gay or bisexual, there’s nothing to cure.  Homosexuality and bisexuality are not diseases or mental illnesses.

The gay and bisexual children of this generation are still growing up believing that their love is of less value than that of their heterosexual counterparts.  It’s not right.  They need to be protected from such harmful feelings.

When will gay and bisexual people gain equality?  It will happen, someday.  Human dignity is too strong to let the forces of hate and ignorance overcome.  People must spread the word for equality not just here in the US, but all around the world.

Gay and bisexual people are not second class citizens.  Equality demands the constitutional right for same sex couples to marry.

Gays and bisexuals will not be silenced.  They will win the fight for equality.  Love will win.