Happy times abound for me.  The holidays always seem to get me in a cheery mood, ready for lots of hugs and greetings.  I’m thankful for my great family.  We all are so amazing in so many different ways, it’s impossible to count.

I enjoy the weather we’ve been having recently.  A good amount of rain, but not too much, with just that right amount of coolness, especially in a breeze.  It is so romantic.  It’s also great for reading.

Under Pressure

I believe the human body is constantly under pressure/pain.  There is never an instance when the body does not experience at least some form of pain.  However, I also believe we can learn from that.  It’s necessary for humans to experience pain in order to achieve dreams and purposes.  How strong we are while dealing with the pain is a sign of how great we are.

Degas and Chinese Treasures

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of visiting the local Museum of Fine Arts, where there were two main exhibits: Degas, and Chinese treasures.  The Degas exhibit consisted of many paintings and drawings, as well as a sculpture, by the aforementioned artist.  I was surprised by how much he enjoyed depicting horses.  The countryside seemed to be a big inspiration for him.  A lot of his painted/drawn figures of humans appear to be melancholy, or deep in wonder.  He enjoyed painting ballerinas as well, and one of his most famous sculptures is of a ballerina.

The Chinese treasures exhibit consisted of ancient scrolls, paintings, and artifacts from various dynasties.  Artwork extended back to the Song Dynasty, and also included items from the Jin, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties.  I was very impressed with how aesthetically colorful the paintings were.  The scrolls themselves were forms of art, and I could tell much detail was placed into their creation.  The pottery was quite colorful.  The jade seemed shiny even now.

Once Seen, Always There

This morning I was researching about babies and the way their memory works.  It’s quite a bit more complicated than most people seem to believe.  For example, toddlers can still remember, albeit subconsciously, people they met only once years beforehand as babies.  Also, the brain of a baby is, in fact, actually able to process memories.  It’s just that it takes years in order for the memories to become “more complex”.

I find this incredible.  Once people see something, that memory stays stored in the brain forever.  It doesn’t matter that the memory may be subconscious; it’s still there.  This fact has gotten me through plenty of tough times, and it truly is a testament to the power of human’s memory itself.

Birds’ Music

I always enjoy waking up to the sound of birds.  They tend to chirp in the mornings and afternoons outside my bedroom window.  Sometimes they even sing.  Lately I’ve also been fascinated by the sheer diversity of shapes, sizes, and colors that birds come in.  It’s interesting to note that not all species of birds can fly.  I only recently found out birds are actually considered to be dinosaurs.  These are all reasons I’m motivated by listening to birds.

Gay and Bisexual Equality

When it comes to being gay or bisexual, there’s nothing to cure.  Homosexuality and bisexuality are not diseases or mental illnesses.

The gay and bisexual children of this generation are still growing up believing that their love is of less value than that of their heterosexual counterparts.  It’s not right.  They need to be protected from such harmful feelings.

When will gay and bisexual people gain equality?  It will happen, someday.  Human dignity is too strong to let the forces of hate and ignorance overcome.  People must spread the word for equality not just here in the US, but all around the world.

Gay and bisexual people are not second class citizens.  Equality demands the constitutional right for same sex couples to marry.

Gays and bisexuals will not be silenced.  They will win the fight for equality.  Love will win.