Helping Yourself To Some Television

I personally believe that television in today’s society plays many important roles.  For instance, at least for me, I like to catch up every now and then on a few of the news stories that have been making the headlines.  Also, these news stories have the ability of reaching a far-wider audience than what most mass media would allow for.  I am of the belief that some television programs are actually quite educational and useful in respects other than delivering upon the news.  This can be seen in those programs that convey the many different ways technology can be used for the betterment of society.  Not only do some programs illustrate technology, others show plenty of illuminating material about the natural wonders of the world.  Those types of programs can definitely be considered appropriate in many instances even for a child growing up.  This is because when children learn about others, they can become more open-minded and curious about the beliefs and customs that other people have.  Another way I find TV useful is during those times where I just would like to relax following a hectic or chaotic event.  In those times, I tend to be more liberal with the channels and specific shows that can be watched.

Sometimes A Leader

I have come to the conclusion that there are some times in my life where I am a leader, and other times where I am a follower.  For example, nowadays, I believe most situations call for me to be a leader.  This can be seen in performing actions that are meant to help others or make people’s situations easier for them to handle.  I enjoy this aspect of my life, and I am always willing to attempt to exert myself according to the behests of the people I am associating with.  The instances that call for me to be both a leader and a follower are mainly those in which I am part of a team.  In this case, we all must work together to attempt to achieve a set purpose.  I usually enjoy these events as long as everyone involved shares the view that no one is to be held in esteem over another.  On the other hand, mainly when I was younger, most instances simply called for me to be a follower.  This was seen in attending school and always making sure to listen to the teachers’ instructions, create good homework, and attempt to receive high grades/markings.  The leaders in those instances were in my opinion for the most part the teachers, or principals, or other people who required my scholarly attention.  There are those people who say even when you are performing actions that seem to be those of a follower, you can still be considered a leader depending on your attitude toward the situations.  I guess much of my attitude can be seen in that light, because I truly did attempt to be somewhat of a superb student.  That is something I have been wondering about lately; whether someone is a leader or a follower is largely dependent on one’s view surrounding the experience.

The Path Through Shaneth

Green and shimmering fields abound through this path.  Beams of light waft down among the vegetation.  Flowers blossom all along the pathway and provide a temporary shelter for an adventurous rabbit.  This path curves through hills and numerous oak trees.  One not travel very far in order to encounter a few stones jutting out from among the hills.  Many cliffs with openings at their bottoms loom over the path.  These openings allow for a traveler to stride along through, paying no heed to any dangers of falling rocks or biting winds.  The other side is noticeable from each entrance, and one can observe continued trees scattered about.  After passing through each tunnel, a continued presence of sparkling fields and lush hills is revealed.  Low-hanging clouds poise gray tufts of haze over the winding journey.

Video Games And Me

I have never really been that hardcore of a video game person.  In fact, I’ve never been much of a fan of video games at all.  The most I played video games was back when I was about thirteen or so.  And that was because I was told to play them.  I do find some aspects of these games interesting, such as being able to control your character’s movements and noticing some fascinating settings.  I just never told myself “I would like to play a lot of video games”.  But I would like to describe some more benefits of playing them, even though it’ll likely be a few days before I play another one.  The aspect of different levels and different themes throughout the game is really interesting.  Some of the backdrops and settings are actually quite wonderful at times.  I also like the aspect of learning how to continually improve your character’s movements and/or actions.  Continually learning how to improve these can mimic the action of learning how to improve oneself in the real world.  Of course, there are some video games that in my opinion go a bit too far with violence or otherwise unnecessary things such as talking smack about others.  But a lot of games are in fact actually fun to play (at least for me).  I enjoy comedic elements and over the top characters every now and then.  I guess in the larger populace we will clearly find differences of opinion regarding these issues.