The Path Through Shaneth

Green and shimmering fields abound through this path.  Beams of light waft down among the vegetation.  Flowers blossom all along the pathway and provide a temporary shelter for an adventurous rabbit.  This path curves through hills and numerous oak trees.  One not travel very far in order to encounter a few stones jutting out from among the hills.  Many cliffs with openings at their bottoms loom over the path.  These openings allow for a traveler to stride along through, paying no heed to any dangers of falling rocks or biting winds.  The other side is noticeable from each entrance, and one can observe continued trees scattered about.  After passing through each tunnel, a continued presence of sparkling fields and lush hills is revealed.  Low-hanging clouds poise gray tufts of haze over the winding journey.

Video Games And Me

I have never really been that hardcore of a video game person.  In fact, I’ve never been much of a fan of video games at all.  The most I played video games was back when I was about thirteen or so.  And that was because I was told to play them.  I do find some aspects of these games interesting, such as being able to control your character’s movements and noticing some fascinating settings.  I just never told myself “I would like to play a lot of video games”.  But I would like to describe some more benefits of playing them, even though it’ll likely be a few days before I play another one.  The aspect of different levels and different themes throughout the game is really interesting.  Some of the backdrops and settings are actually quite wonderful at times.  I also like the aspect of learning how to continually improve your character’s movements and/or actions.  Continually learning how to improve these can mimic the action of learning how to improve oneself in the real world.  Of course, there are some video games that in my opinion go a bit too far with violence or otherwise unnecessary things such as talking smack about others.  But a lot of games are in fact actually fun to play (at least for me).  I enjoy comedic elements and over the top characters every now and then.  I guess in the larger populace we will clearly find differences of opinion regarding these issues.

How We Can Handle Friendly Competition

Every now and then there can be a little friendly competition, or some signs of a competitiveness building among our close friends.  This can be considered beneficial in some instances, but in others it can be downright damaging.  We certainly have some effect on the outcome of these situations.  It’s usually important that we don’t take too personally some aspects of just minor competitions.  For instance, we must have some degree of self-esteem.  If that starts to dwindle away, the door is opened to a higher chance of vulnerability.  Of course, this all really depends on what the competitive nature is actually all about.  Minor games or contests should not be seen as a big deal in the long run.  If the friend is actually beginning to take advantage of us, that’s a huge warning sign we need to either communicate frankly about the issue or begin backing away from the “friendship”.

Another way we can handle a little competitiveness is by figuratively or explicitly cheering each other on.  This is especially true when it involves sports or some friendly games.  If we show our support for the other person/people involved, that tends to invite their own support and encouragement.  On the other hand, there are always going to be those people who cheat, take out their frustration on others, or otherwise try to bring those they’re competing against down.  If that’s the case, the reality is sometimes these people are not ever going to change.  Depending on the friendship, we can communicate the issue with them, but sometimes it’s best to pull away from a relationship that can become devastating.

Creating Gratitude

I believe that gratitude is a significant factor in maintaining or creating high levels of satisfaction.  There are certainly many ways we can show gratitude or an appreciation for things we’ve experienced that bring us joy.  I’m of the impression that the characteristics of gratitude are such that it is not just a “trait” only some people have.  This is important to consider because it means we can allow gratitude to help shape our lives for the better.  I’ve learned that graciousness can also help to cut down levels of pessimism or indignation.  Letting people know we are thankful through writing letters is quite an obvious method for delivering on this promise.  Another way is to let them know upfront and directly.  By spreading graciousness we can spread even more levels of happiness and pleasure.  Not only that, but we can distribute the awareness that thankfulness oftentimes builds more strength to help those going through hard experiences.  A lot of the condition also depends on our own ability to sympathize with others.

Cursive Handwriting

To this day I will still write in cursive if there’s a situation that calls for handwriting in a hurry or when I need to sign something important.  Of course nowadays there are a ton of gadgets that actually necessitate typing rather than handwriting, but I’m only focusing on those instances that call for the latter.  Sometimes I notice other people’s signatures, and I’m fascinated by how differently we all really do sign things.  When there’s a device that needs an electronic signature with a stylus, I often struggle to make the signature seem as pretty and nice as it would actually be on paper.  I’m often shocked at how different it comes out.  As long as they accept the verification it’s all good with me though.  I remember learning for the first times how to scribble in cursive when I was in school.  I was super excited because it seemed like the penmanship was totally fancy and a sign of growing up.  Of course things have changed and I usually don’t get so enthused just from that penmanship.  But in retrospect, I’m thankful for those opportunities.

Getting Into The Zone

I have often wondered and theorized different ways we can try and place ourselves in that certain “zone” where tasks are accomplished in the most meaningful way for us.  The things that seem to help are mainly skill-level related.  To illustrate, imagine doing something that required complete absorption into the activity at hand.  This can be anything from doing desk-work to traveling to an entirely new destination.  I believe for any beneficial production to occur, your activity should be totally achievable in the first place (well-suited to your skill level, whether it means learning some new things or putting to use what you already know).  Sometimes I believe the best way to achieve something of value is by truly focusing on the task at hand, yet every now and then taking a break in which you perform another activity that doesn’t require as much skill.  That way, you might come up with a new, outstanding idea out of the blue that’ll help for the main task.  I suppose this is the case for most people, but of course each person’s views of the matter will vary.