Sense of Satisfaction from Accomplishment

There is definitely a sense of satisfaction gained from accomplishing something, according to some specific criteria.  According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the greatest sense of happiness while performing a task comes when one’s skill level matches the task’s challenge level.  For example, if someone is very good at knitting, and the task at hand calls for knitting something that is quite large and intricately designed, that person is certainly likely to enjoy the task immensely.  This is something I have definitely noticed throughout the years.  At one side of the scale, if one’s skill level is too high for the task at hand, the result is likely to be boredom.  At the other side, if one’s skill level is not high enough for accomplishing the task, the result has more chance to be anxiety.  I personally believe that there are some exceptions to the aforementioned theory, but that for the most part it holds quite true.  When I am working on something that requires somewhat of a challenge, but my skill level is up to par with it, I usually have a greater sense of satisfaction from the accomplishment.  This has motivated me throughout the years in performing certain tasks.