Bizarre Memories

Not too long ago, seemingly out of nowhere, an unusual and unsettling memory popped into my mind.  This memory had to do with someone hurting me because they thought my voice was “too high”.  When I had this memory, I immediately tried figuring out how old I potentially could have been.  My voice started deepening when I was ten, and I remember the person hurting me quite some time after that, like even a year probably.  It then occurred to me that since I was already relatively older, I couldn’t have been so weak as to allow that person to do what it seems like they did.  So why did that memory even occur in the first place?  I was really shocked, but I’ve come to this conclusion: only some of the images that popped into my mind actually indeed occurred.  It just makes more sense to me that way.  In this regard, I must differentiate between images in my mind and real, true memories.  There is a definite difference.  The memories may still be bizarre, but at least they’re not as wacko as the images that can flood my mind at times.