Choice of Words with Meaning

Lately I’ve been interested in people’s choice of words among various formats, such as news interviews, poetry, and conversations in general.  I know that in poetry, many syntactical devices surround the chosen words, and these devices convey either implicit or explicit meaning.  For example, assonance (the repetition of certain vowel sounds) and consonance (the repetition of certain consonants) can convey a smooth or rough sound, similar to the effect that onomatopoeia has in our everyday language.  An important aspect of anyone’s writing is to notice any underlying tones within the work.  This can also be seen with the frequency of certain words used, such as “want” vs “need”.  How we say the words is also important when it comes to speaking out loud.  From our tones and body language, we can make educated guesses as to what we are trying to make known.  I find it fascinating that when we’re engaged in live conversation, there is not much time to consider which words to use, and thus many of the words we do use are actually chosen on a subconscious level.