Out of Your Comfort Zone

I personally consider being outside of one’s comfort zone can be either a good thing or bad thing.  It really just depends on the situation.  For example, many common major-life-events call for a necessary change in comfort, in my opinion.  This can include changes in career-status, adjustments in health, and moving to different places, among others.  Things in such a situation tend to shift dramatically, so it is necessary to try and adapt to the new event as extensively as possible.  Even so, it is good every now and then to look back on what you’ve previously been through, in order to learn from those experiences and apply them to the current situation.  Then there are times when pushing yourself outside your comfort zone can seem sort of unnecessary.  For example, at a common social gathering (non-business-related), it’s usually best to try and stay away from behaving in a manner completely unrelated to your usual self.  That’s not to say it isn’t good sometimes to act differently; just not so much that it detracts from your association’s high judgment of you.