The Cyclicality of Life

What I find so interesting and beautiful about life is how cyclical everything behaves.  This can be found in the seasons, which from year to year always cycle in a recognizable pattern.  It can also be seen in days, constantly alternating between daylight and nighttime.  The water of earth continually cycles from flowing to the oceans to being evaporated and precipitated down to the ground again.  The life cycle of a plant is seen from the seed, to the mature plant, to the release of new seeds.  The rhythmic spasms of an orgasm display beautifully a cyclical pattern.  There is a constant cycle between people resting and being active throughout the day.  The earth itself as well as other planets are always orbiting around the sun.  The human body breathes in and out in a circular mechanism from time to time.  The moon is continuously orbiting around the earth as well.  The cyclical nature of life is seen in the back and forth motion of waves, including electromagnetic waves.  “Blinking” of the eyes appears to be cyclical as well, from open to closed every now and again.  Blood “beating” throughout the human body seems to cycle in a never-ending manner.  The sun and other stars are always orbiting around the center of their galaxy.  These examples of cycles really demonstrate to me the awesomeness and cyclicality in life.