Fear Not Too Much

Whenever I’m asked what exactly I’m afraid of, the answer is often a little difficult for me to answer.  I always try to minimize whatever fear I have in the moment, because I know how damaging fear can be to one in the long run.  However, we as humans just have to deal with fear.  It’s a very human quality, and I seriously doubt it can ever be 100 percent, completely and totally eliminated.  In fact, I usually consider it very similar to human pain in that regard.  But when I am faced with something that is truly scary, I will do my best to lessen that fear.  I agree with those who say that the truly courageous are the people who, despite being afraid, face the fear directly in order to try and conquer it.  In other words, I don’t equate courage with having absolutely zero fear.  This is something I consider extremely important.  So when I ponder about the things that frighten me, in order to answer someone’s question, there will always be at least a little bit of comfort.