Cursive Handwriting

To this day I will still write in cursive if there’s a situation that calls for handwriting in a hurry or when I need to sign something important.  Of course nowadays there are a ton of gadgets that actually necessitate typing rather than handwriting, but I’m only focusing on those instances that call for the latter.  Sometimes I notice other people’s signatures, and I’m fascinated by how differently we all really do sign things.  When there’s a device that needs an electronic signature with a stylus, I often struggle to make the signature seem as pretty and nice as it would actually be on paper.  I’m often shocked at how different it comes out.  As long as they accept the verification it’s all good with me though.  I remember learning for the first times how to scribble in cursive when I was in school.  I was super excited because it seemed like the penmanship was totally fancy and a sign of growing up.  Of course things have changed and I usually don’t get so enthused just from that penmanship.  But in retrospect, I’m thankful for those opportunities.