One of My Hobbies

Even though I have several hobbies, in this entry I will only be discussing one of them.  This hobby is the collection of figurines from various places.  I would say I was the most enthusiastic about this when I was in my teens, during which I would refer to the figurines as “priceless commodities”.  I’m not quite sure when exactly the particular hobby began, maybe when I was in about second grade.  The shape, color, size, weight, and brand of the figurines has constantly changed through the travels.  I’ve always liked those figurines that are representations of young lovers, or children playing together.  Sometimes the representations are actually of animals, and when they are, most of them have humorous and exaggerated characteristics.  Some figurines have been of actual larger statues, and these tend to reflect in astounding detail the minute features of the larger objects.  The places that I acquire the figurines from are usually interesting in and of themselves.  I don’t intend to stop this hobby anytime soon.  Every figurine has a story that deserves to be shared.