Tending To What I Wear

I certainly pay attention to the things I wear, depending on the particular situation.  In the past several years it seems like there have been more events in which I really do need to make sure that what I’m wearing doesn’t conflict with the established norms.  I generally don’t have much of a problem with this at all.  Then there are those instances when the things I wear definitely do not matter to me, and I would indeed hope not to others as well.  But even then it really just depends on the people I’m to be associating with.  Now for the events that call for closer inspection, I will always try to make sure that my comfort isn’t diminished by the items of clothing.  The poking of something sharp against me has never been something I really enjoyed.  And it helps to breathe as well.  I believe in recent years this issue of comfort has actually become more important not just to me but to most of society also.  For example, the types of clothing items available to both women and men have truly evolved in such a way as to keep in mind the physical convenience of people.  This is unquestionably beneficial for us, in my opinion.

Screens as an Asset

These times it seems like most people have to deal with at least some kind of screen to accomplish a given task.  In my opinion, this is definitely a good thing.  The screen can be anything from a camera, a computer, a phone, a tablet, a TV, or a music device to a machine, display board, or any other kind of helpful gadget.  There are so many devices that we can utilize in order to try and better our situations, somehow.  Of course sometimes we can also use these devices as a form of entertainment, but even that can arguably be seen as a form of support for ourselves.  So truly, screens often serve as an outright advantage.  However, there are indeed times when those devices can actually be a detriment, either to ourselves or to society in general.  For example, malicious hacking sometimes takes place whether we like it or not.  The good news is there are lots of ethical hackers out there as well.  We really do need plenty of fighters in order to combat possible bad intentions.  And then there are those situations when the use of such a device can distract us from what we really need to be doing.  I believe in today’s society we are full of potential distractions.

The Ways I Tend To Organize

If there were to be someone walking into my home, I would imagine that a few things would run through their mind.  The placement of items throughout the home is done in such a way as to try to minimize the amount of jarring arrangements.  I believe I tend to overdo this sometimes.  Sifting through my files and documents, one might get a sense that I’m an extremely rigid organizer.  I probably am, but I try not to let that get in the way.  Ever since I was very young, I’ve disliked inconsistencies when it comes to the arrangement of particular items.  That’s just looking at the property, though.  I tend to be much more open whenever I’m out in public or meeting with groups of people.  This is because I know I can’t be such a control freak when dealing with the problems of everyday life.  I guess I’m rather okay with this, and I’m even wondering if it ever even bothers me.  A part of it actually exhilarates me.  When I see others who are out and about, I sometimes try to gauge whether they are introverts, extroverts, or maybe a bit of both.  I would imagine that an extrovert is much more open to arranging things in a less orderly fashion.  Usually in general it’s good to not be so uptight when it comes to dealing with urgent situations.  Of course it all depends though on the situation.  Depending on one’s career, it may or may not be wise to be flexible in the arrangement of particular things.

Wonderful Holidays

This is that special season where most people celebrate at least some form of holiday, and I’m truly upbeat.  In a lot of these holidays, the focus is on friendship, family, and giving.  Luckily, I’m meeting with family before long, and I’m definitely excited for that.  The weather has also been amazing lately, with a nice crisp breeze and occasional rain every now and then.  In past years, this certain season has brought with it the same amount of delight, but also the same amount of stress.  I believe a lot of us have to deal with particular stresses during these festivities as well.  One way of dealing with this is to just be realistic about the whole matter.  Nothing’s ever the same for everyone involved.  Another way of dealing with the stress is to set aside a few instances so that we gather our calmness, and just meditate for a while.  In this case, the mind can lighten up and be a little more free from all the overwhelming urges.  Sensing tranquility, we are better able to handle all the crazy obstacles this world can throw at us.

Keeping the Environment Green

I have always tried to help keep our environment at least relatively pollution-free.  A big part of this has been trying to work digitally as opposed to using paper whenever possible, believe it or not.  That’s definitely one of the advantages of our society in general moving more toward doing work digitally.  Another way I try to maintain our environment is by cutting back on consumption of energy.  Of course there is no chance I’m gonna totally be energy-free, just because so much in my day-to-day life requires at least some consumption of it, but I do try to lower the use whenever possible.  Then there is the issue of recycling.  I personally find that this is one of the harder aspects of aiming to preserve our environment.  Helping me do this is reading labels to make sure things are set in their proper place whenever they are being reused or used.  I’m very diligent when it comes to not tossing garbage out on the streets or in public view.  And I have just about always been very careful (maybe too much sometimes) in cleaning up around me.  I certainly don’t aim to be obsessive about it.  It’s great to see that a lot of other people as well are striving to preserve the natural aspects of our surroundings.

Trying to Listen

Am I a good listener?  I’ve often wondered that.  There are definitely situations that call for better listening skills.  Any events in which I’m with family or friends demand absolute sharp listening strengths.  I will always try to do my best in those situations to understand exactly what these people are saying to me.  There are other occasions that actually warrant me blocking out entirely not necessarily the things people say to me, but just oddities and insignificant blabber.  No thanks, I’m not gonna listen to that.  During incidents in which the people involved are certainly affecting important situations, I will do my best to understand exactly what is going on.  But sometimes not even that works; communication in general is bound to experience at least some sort of loss in reliability.  This can be seen in certain experiments where the participants are asked to hear word-for-word what others are saying.  There is just about always a loss in translation or slip in comprehension.  It seems to be somewhat more true when the people involved come from strikingly different backgrounds.