There is a Reason for Everything

I really do believe there is a reason for everything.  It might not seem like it in the pressure of the moment, but eventually things do start to make sense.  A few years back I was experiencing unusual memory-related issues, and those really made me wonder about why certain things were happening or not happening.  Some good friends of mine constantly reminded me that even though it may seem like you’re “stuck” in a particular place, with too much stress and almost nowhere to go, this actually isn’t the case at all.  They said people are stronger than they realize, most of the time.  That piece of advice definitely has proven helpful in my many experiences.  One person said that how you “react” has the effect of determining everything.  I do believe in something similar, although I tend to place more emphasis on how people “act” as opposed to how they “react”, simply because it seems more true to me when it comes to making decisions or applying knowledge.  I always remind myself of this when times seem rough and scary.