Presuming You’re Being Left Out

There have been days in my past where I often imagine being left out.  It has been relatively infrequent, thankfully.  Of course there are instances when being left out of a function is actually a good thing, and those tend to be more frequent and less of an issue.  The “left out” I’m referring to for this entry is the more general sense that I have been somewhat shunned out of a special group, whether it’s a function or a group of friends.  In that case, I may have been left with senses of inadequacy or sometimes even shame.  I’m trying to remember these occasions, and the result is I end up weighing the significance of each event, wondering if it even matters, you know, in the long run.  Was I really left out?  And if so, was it a bad thing?  I know for a fact I have become a stronger person as a result of learning from these experiences.  The same should hold true for other people as well, depending on the reasons for these encounters.  The impression that you are somehow “inadequate” can lead to a desire to improve yourself in a way that is healthy for both you and others.  For instance, you can try to find inspiration in others who have been in your same situation, and then try to turn any negatives into positives.  You can turn to an activity or group that will end up transforming your actions into something beneficial for the community.  That can definitely help bounce you back from the trenches.