Clear Pond

The magnificent green cliffs tower near the cascade

In youthful trees a light flickers

Past hail through the thickening undergrowth

The luscious blue inlet bubbles with excitement

Vines reach to greet the hazy fog

In reflecting droplets of a silver passion

Wet patterns sift through the comforting mosses

And soften the glowing twigs

The Path Through Shaneth

Green and shimmering fields abound through this path.  Beams of light waft down among the vegetation.  Flowers blossom all along the pathway and provide a temporary shelter for an adventurous rabbit.  This path curves through hills and numerous oak trees.  One not travel very far in order to encounter a few stones jutting out from among the hills.  Many cliffs with openings at their bottoms loom over the path.  These openings allow for a traveler to stride along through, paying no heed to any dangers of falling rocks or biting winds.  The other side is noticeable from each entrance, and one can observe continued trees scattered about.  After passing through each tunnel, a continued presence of sparkling fields and lush hills is revealed.  Low-hanging clouds poise gray tufts of haze over the winding journey.

Portal to His Dimension

I make my way past thick branches to the bottom of the dark, twisted stairs.  Looking up I can see they are surrounded by marble columns.  I make my way up and stop to face the entryway of the portal.  Ominous clouds hover on the other side.  A map of the journey through the portal appears before my eyes.  It is filled with circles, mathematical equations, and symbolic representations of rivers cutting through cliffs.  Lightning bolts crash through the clouds in the background.  However, I am ready.  Taking an immense breath, I step into the portal, and begin the journey through night and pandemonium.