Robot On Duty

I have often wondered what it would be like if there were a robot to help me perform everyday tasks.  I’m not counting basic electronic devices such as phones or computers.  I’m talking a serious, human-like robot that can possibly walk or even have conversations with me.  That’s a very funny concept now that I imagine it.  It just seems totally unrealistic.  But anyway, I would thoroughly enjoy it if there were a robot to help me do household chores such as cleaning and keeping everything in its proper place.  There has been work on such a robot, at least in high-tech companies around the world.  I’m truly impressed with the work on these robots, and I’m excited for the stage when they actually will be released and put to work.  People have wondered if their invention will have legal ramifications related to ethics and controversial roles in today’s society.  There has even been talk if they end up taking over a lot of our responsibilities related to career-work.  Such a possibility means more people might lose jobs, at least in some sectors.  And then there’s the discussion on whether or not they might wind up hurting us physically in one way or other.  I doubt it will reach the point where people decide to end their assembly due to such mitigating factors.