Subliminal Effects and Messages

Lately I’ve been fascinated with the concept of subliminal messages and effects.  This has a lot to do with images I’ve seen that carried an arguable subliminal symbol (whether on purpose explicitly or implicitly, or not on purpose).  These representations have shown me that often there is a hidden motive in the display of images throughout media.  I think it’s interesting that when it comes to certain highly publicized movies (or songs or other forms of media), the workers involved have either admitted or denied such images.  It’s also amusing to me that not everyone who is exposed to the presentation actually experiences witnessing the subliminal message.  Or sometimes people’s accounts will vary on what the message actually is.  This definitely seems to uncover the reality of how different each of our minds is.  One can postulate that our perceptions of these experiences even go down to the very subconscious of the human psyche.