Some Things That Make Me Happy

Whenever I get the chance, I try to consider some of the many things that tend to make me happy.  Doing so leaves me with a renewed perspective on the world around me.

I enjoy having the opportunity to watch and listen to interesting animals.  It doesn’t matter what their shape or size is, they all can reflect the personalities of people, if I take the opportunity to really get to notice them.  Creatures like cats, birds, dogs, fish, and deer can be so cute (sometimes)!  I’m also amazed at the intelligence of horses and marine mammals.

I also like visiting new places, especially when it’s someplace exotic or a different nation.  This always gives me the opportunity to people-watch, which definitely tends to be a highlight of my day.  It’s interesting to see how similar people can be on the inside, even with different customs or values.

Now that we’re approaching Valentines Day, I believe it’s important to remember the aspects of love in our lives.  I don’t need a paper, candy, or boxed valentine, to become happy on that day.  Instead, it’s great to be around friends and family and to appreciate fun times.

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