Magic Is Real

The fact of the matter is: magic is real.  Of course, this may very well depend on one’s definition of “magic”.  I usually take it to mean that which is seemingly beyond the current laws of physics.  All you have to do to witness it is look at Nature.  Just go outside and look at the landscapes, animals, and plants.  Very soon it becomes obvious.  It can also be seen in our interactions with one another.  The way we communicate both verbally and non-verbally are huge clues into the power of this incredible force.  Ideas we had in the past about what constituted the “reality” of things have certainly sometimes changed.  For example, some ancient peoples believed the world was flat.  Likewise, ideas we have now concerning physics and scientific principles may very well change in the future.  What some of us may consider to be “supernatural” or mysterious now can actually one day be widely accepted as “fact”.  It’s important for me, personally, to look toward Nature and believe in the seemingly impossible as often as possible.

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